Sameer Africa Complex

Our Expertise

We work closely with experts from middle east with more than 30 years experience in the industry. We have Highly skilled and Knowledgeable staff.We work closely With PIEA(Petroleum institute of east Africa) in terms of training personnel in the industry sector Members of lubricants task force (committee that comprises of members of other lubricants manufacturers(KEBS,KRA,NEEMA and off course PIEA) The committee objective is to revise and develop lubricants Standards for the Kenyan Market, reduce pollution from used oil and create awareness to lubricants consumers

Modern Lab

At Sepyana we are equipped with a modern
Laboratory to ensure high quality products.
Our Lubricants are blended in our Manufacturing
plant based in Nairobi to meeting the International standards.
They are blended with virginbase oil and certified
additives making them more superior in the African

Superior Raw materials

  • We use Virgin base oils of the highest quality sourced from refineries that are well placed in the middle east. These refineries are global traders with expertise spanning over 40 years.
  • We also use Additives that come from certified Companies

With a strong focus towards meeting global standards of manufacturing and quality management, continual improvement in products and processes and a strong commitment for team work, we strive to be a global name in the Lubricants industry.

Construction Sector Review Of Sepyana