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Toll Blending

Sepyana Oil E.A offers toll blending services for all lubricant types and engine coolants.  Toll blending is a specialty service whereby companies can have their batches mixed and processed into a final product for a fee. Many modern chemicals require specialized equipment and resources that simply makes mixing in-house too cost-prohibitive for most companies to finance themselves. Toll blending is popular and cost-effective because a single company can provide the service to multiple customers, often being able to use the same chemical blenders for a wide variety of chemicals and mixtures. Sepyana prides its self in service delivery with the highest quality standards from its modern blending plant. We also offer companies custom packaging services and can help plan and coordinate delivery and storage needs.

Advantages Of Toll Blending

Companies may not have the resources necessary to make products in their own facilities.  Capital investments in specialized equipment, facilities, labor and energy can be cost prohibitive for in-house operation.  Already equipped with machinery and knowledge, Sepyana can provide manufacturing services for batches of various sizes from small laboratory trials to full-scale production batches.  The outsourcing of toll processing services can offer significant savings over in-house production.

The blending of products  can have intricate formulations with complicated processes requiring a series of steps that can take days or weeks to complete.  Any errors in formulation can ruin an entire batch, including the loss of time and money.  Toll processors provide consistency and quality control to prevent loss and ensure efficient production at the maximum yield.

Additional benefits of toll production include:

  • More cost effective than in-house production
  • Availability of a variety of process equipment to accommodate various industries
  • Technical support and knowledge of processes
  • Quality control and consistency
  • Flexibility to adjust formulation or production volume
  • Ability to customize equipment and processes to customer’s specifications
  • Experienced in dealing with volatile or hazardous materials
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Eliminates investments in equipment and other related expenses

Analysis and Training

Sepyana Oil E.A has a fully fitted lab that is housed within the complex. The Lab is able to conduct a variety of ASTM tests on finished oil to ensure the parameters meet set specifications. Sepyana Oil E.A’s lab has also worked closely with (PIEA) Petroleum Institute of East Africa to offer training and technical support to engineering students and students under the PIEA program in the lubricants and specialty products courses.

We pride ourselves in both quality products and knowledge transfer to our clients and partners.